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As demand soars, Australian manufacturers are stepping up production

Automated spray vehicle in orchard

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The Weekly Times, Wednesday 25 May 2022, reports:


Manufacturing implements including slashers, graders and other tractor attachments, Farm Implements wholesales to dealers across Australia and exports to Papua New Guinea, Fiji, New Caledonia and New Zealand. Managing director Tim Alcott says demand has soared for the company’s attachments during Covid, particularly twin- and tri-rotor slashers, pasture toppers and bigger H and XH range grader blades.

“All our products have seen increases,” he says. “Where we’ve seen the largest increase has been our bigger, wider higher horsepower units. Things that probably go on tractors from 85-90hp through to 200hp.”

There was such a demand peak for its Kanga range, Mr Alcott had to reconfigure his new Pakenham factory to devote much more floor area to welding bays and manufacturing.

“We’ve had to put in a mezzanine to get spare parts out of the way to give us more space,” he says. “We had to invest in a stacking system for goods that are either waiting to be painted or waiting to be assembled.”

Mr Alcott also increased staff, invested in new equipment and upgraded the company website to keep in contact with dealers and end customers more efficiently.

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