COSMO S.R.L. is an Italian company that specialises in manufacturing (in Italy) fertiliser spreaders, sand/salt spreaders and cement mixers.

COSMO commenced operations in 1986 with the initial focus on small agricultural implements like wood chippers, bio-shredders and V type hay rakes. By 1992 their focus had shifted to spreaders (fertiliser, sand, salt, etc.). COSMO’s product range continued to grow and today they offer a range of trailed and linkage spreaders from 180Ltr (PTP-PL Series) to 1900Ltr (RX Series).

Embracing modern construction technologies has resulted in the production of over 25,000 units per annum making them a global leader in fertiliser spreaders and spreading technology.

Next time you are in the market for a spreader make sure you demand the best – make sure you demand a COSMO Spreader.

For more information on COSMO S.R.L. visit their website.