COSMO: Agricultural machines since 1987

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COSMO: Agricultural machines since 1987

Starting out as a small implement business in the rich soils of the Po Valley in northern Italy, Cosmo S.r.l has grown to become the biggest fertiliser spreader manufacturer in the world

In 1992 Cosmo identified the increasing need for fertiliser spreaders and embraced modern technology to allow the company to continue manufacturing in Italy, at a globally competitive price. Cosmo now produces over 25,000 trailed and linkage fertiliser spreaders annually.

Farm Implements have been the Australian distributors of Cosmo S.r.l since it was formed back in 1987. 

The growth of Cosmo is a combination of good management and demand. It is no secret that there are more people in the world and, due to development, less fertile land. The need to grow more produce is paramount to our survival and soil management plays a big part in farming. 

Whether it is growing grass or produce, all the nutrients come from the ground. To create healthy crops, farmers need to work with healthy soil. In situations where the ground has been drained of those nutrients, adding fertiliser can restore the soil to its optimum growing conditions. 

There are lots of different types of fertiliser and lots of different types of fertiliser spreaders. Buying a quality fertiliser spreader will work out cheaper over the life of the implement as you will not require as much fertiliser because of greater control over spreading rates and patterns. 

If you would like more information on your soil conditions, the best place to start is with your local fertiliser supplier. If you would like more information on Cosmo fertiliser spreaders talk to the Farm Implements team.