3 Tine Ripper | M Range

KANGA Three (3) Tine Rippers are engineered to fracture hard, compacted ground leaving it open and aerated.

In virgin ground these rippers can be used before a Rotary Hoe or Power Harrow; reducing horsepower requirements, minimising the load on the geared implement and decreasing the number of passes to prepare the soil.

In secondary application, they can be used to break up the pan (compacted layer of soil geared implements create over time) increasing soil moisture and crop yields.


100 x 100 x 5mm square tube main frame

Frame welded and reinforced



DescriptionM Range 3 Tine Ripper
Tractor range (hp)25 - 45
Tine profileHeight adjustable/three (3) positions, 130 x 25, chamfered edge
Working depth (max)550mm
Weight (kg)115
Price (inc. GST)$2,100
Price (inc. GST)$2,783
Price (inc. GST)$2,310

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