Box Scraper

KANGA Box Scrapers are ideal for ripping, levelling, finish grading, backfilling and general scraping and cleaning.

The box design holds a larger volume of material, compared to a traditional grader blade, providing the operator with more control moving material over distances.

The tines on the front of the box scraper are fully adjustable, either individually or as a set, to enable scarifying or soil ripping.


Welded rigid box design

  • Braced left to right with box section
  • Braced front to back with flat bar
  • Side walls and rear blade reinforced with a gusset in the corners

Folded and formed rear board increases strength and carrying capacity



Size reference1.2m | 4’0”1.8m | 6’0”2.4m | 8’0”
Tractor range (hp)15 - 3025 - 4035 - 50
No. of tines468
Mouldboard430 x 5mm430 x 5mm430 x 5mm
Overall width (mm)123018302440
Weight (kg)150205290
Price (inc. GST)$2,000$2,500$3,100
Price (inc. GST)$2,650$3,313$4,108
Price (inc. GST)$2,200$2,750$3,410

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