LD Range Grader Blade

KANGA LD Grader Blades are the next generation design for grading and scraping in Australia.

Designed for maximum versatility with simple manual adjustments the operator can move material side to side, offset the blade to grade in hard to reach areas and tilt the blade to grade a camber into a slope or road to aid water runoff.

The reinforced mouldboards involuted design enables more efficient and continuous cutting, mixing and rolling of material while the cutting edge is reversible to extend its lifespan.


Main beam

  • Long, folded/formed 5mm tapered design
  • Lifting hook for lifting and storage
  • Front mounting plate is folded and reinforced for greater structural integrity

Blade mouldboard

  • Folded and formed 6mm rear blade section
  • Blade is designed to be reversed 180° for back blading (pushing backwards)
  • Blade ‘wings’ and a high, 400mm ground clearance, to control a larger volume of material

All three blade adjustments pivot points are bushed and/or reinforced with external grease nipples for easy lubrication



Size reference1.2m | 4'0" | 48"1.5m | 5'0" | 60"1.8m | 6'0" | 72"
Tractor range (hp)15 - 3522 - 3525 - 35
Overall width (mm)120015001800
Weight (kg)135145155
Price (inc. GST)$1,650$1,800$1,950
Price (inc. GST)$2,186$2,385$2,584
Price (inc. GST)$1,815$1,980$2,145

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