Mini Range Grader Blade

The KANGA Mini Range Grader Blade has been engineered for compact and subcompact tractors up to 30hp.

The design allows for a range of operations including creating and maintaining small tracks and rebreaks on smallholding farms.

The mouldboard has been rolled to keep material owing, while the heat treated cutting edge is reversible.

With simple manual adjustments, the operator can move material side to side, offset the blade to grade in hard to reach areas and tilt the blade (up to 100mm over the width of the blade) to grade a camber into a slope or on a road (to aid water runoff).

  • Mini Range with Grader Blade offset

  • Mini Range with Grader Blade centre mounted



Code KB120
Description Mini 1200 (1.2m/4’) Grader Blade
Headstock Steel 80x80x4mm sq. tube, welded
Mouldboard 6mm with channel reinforcing
Cutting edge 150x12mm, spring steel, reversible
Linkage/mounting Double clevis, category 1
Finish Powder coated
Adjustments Angle, offset and tilt
Blade angle 28 positions over 360°
Blade offset 6 positions (3 left and 3 right)
Blade tilt Camber only (100mm using lower linkage holes)
Controlled by Pins, clips, wingnut
Overall width (mm) 1200
Tractor range (hp) 18 - 30
Weight (kg) 122


KBDW120 KANGA 1200 depth wheel