Pendulum Fertiliser Spreader

 The COSMO Pendulum Fertiliser Spreaders are ideal for spreading fertiliser (pilled, granular or powder), seed or other granular products on golf courses, sports fields and grounds, as well as in many horticulture and municipal applications.

The variable settings in the gearbox, along with a variety of optional spouts, allows the operator maximum accuracy with the spread pattern (full coverage, single side coverage or band spreading) and spread width (between 1 and 16m*). This, along with the oscillating nature of the gearbox (minimises wind influence when operating) reduces operating and material costs.

Unlike single disc spreaders that can be inconsistent in the amount of fertiliser they discharge, the COSMO Pendulum Spreaders come with a slide ruler and dosing rod. This allows the operator to calibrate the amount and type of fertiliser with the operating speed of the tractor. By calibrating the implement the operator can be assured that a predetermined amount of material (kg) will be discharged per acre.

PDV Series

 The compact square design of the fibreglass hopper (500ltr) make the COSMO PDV Series ideal for working in small areas. The hopper can be extended by 100ltrs (PDV600), should the operator require a slightly larger capacity, while keeping the same compact design.

PDHV Series

The COSMO PDHV Series has a heavy duty tubular frame supporting a large rectangular shaped fibreglass hopper (800ltr). This hopper can be extended by 200ltrs (PDHV1000) or 450ltrs (PDHV1250) for commercial operators wanting to spread large volumes of material.

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* Implement supplied with a 8-16m full coverage spout. Spreading under 10m, requires one of the optional spouts.

  • PDV Series Pendulum Fertiliser Spreader

  • PDHV Series Pendulum Fertiliser Spreader

  • PDV/PDHV Lime agitator

  • Hydraulic opening system

  • Hopper cover



Code CPDV50
Description 500ltr Pendulum Spreader (PDV)
Capacity (lt/kg) 500 / 495
Spreading width (m) 1 - 16 *
Width (mm) 1380
Depth (mm) 1060
Height (mm) 900
Weight (kg) 130


Code CPDV60
Description 600ltr Pendulum Spreader (PDV)
Capacity (lt/kg) 600 / 595
Spreading width (m) 1 - 16 *
Width (mm) 1380
Depth (mm) 1060
Height (mm) 1000
Weight (kg) 142


Code CPDHV080
Description 800ltr Pendulum Spreader (PDHV)
Capacity (lt/kg) 850 / 800
Spreading width (m) 1 - 16 *
Width (mm) 1860
Depth (mm) 1300
Height (mm) 970
Weight (kg) 170


Code CPDHV100
Description 1000ltr Pendulum Spreader (PDHV)
Capacity (lt/kg) 1050 / 1000
Spreading width (m) 1 - 16 *
Width (mm) 1860
Depth (mm) 1300
Height (mm) 1070
Weight (kg) 180


Code CPDHV125
Description 1250ltr Pendulum Spreader (PDHV)
Capacity (lt/kg) 1250 / 1200
Spreading width (m) 1 - 16 *
Width (mm) 1860
Depth (mm) 1300
Height (mm) 1200
Weight (kg) 195


619.041 PDV/PDHV Lime agitator
619.029 Hydraulic opening system (PDV)
619.030 Hydraulic opening system (PDHV)
902.011 Hopper cover (PDV500)
902.013 Hopper cover (PDV600)
902.012 Hopper cover (PDHV800)
902.014 Hopper cover (PDHV1000)
902.015 Hopper cover (PDHV1250)
304.102 Spout, Stainless Steel, 1-2m banding
304.103 Spout, Stainless Steel, 2-4m full coverage
304.104 Spout, Stainless Steel, 5-6m full coverage
304.105 Spout, Plastic, 3-10m banding
304.107 Spout, Stainless Steel, 5-6m full coverage, single side (right)