Grader Blades

Box Scraper

Ideal for general scraping & grading, twin grading edges & the Box Scrapers design holds a large volume of material.

Mini Range Grader Blade

Engineered for compact & subcompact tractors (up to 30hp), operators can manually adjust the MINI’s blade tilt, angle & offset.

S Range Grader Blade

Suitable for 25-35hp tractors, this blade’s rounded curve design ensures the material flows, reducing load & producing a smooth finish.

M Range Grader Blade

Engineered for a range of applications & suitable for 30-60hp tractors, the blade angle, tilt & offset are all manually …

M Range Tilting Grader Blade

The M Range operator can manually or hydraulically tilt the blade up to 30°/800mm, perfect for maintaining drains.

Multi Clamp Grader Blade

KANGA’s version of the original PORT MULTI Locking Dog Grader. All adjustments (angle/offset/tilt) are in 5° increments (0°-45°).

H Range Grader Blade

Designed for 50-80hp tractors, the H Range is available in a manual or hydraulic 1.8m (6’) or 2.4m (8’) version.

XH Range Grader Blade

Extra heavy duty (75-130hp), the XH comes with 4” hydraulic rams allowing the operator to adjust angles while grading.