Slashers and Rotary Cutters

KANGA Joey Range Rotary Cutter, model_KSJ125_2

Joey Range Rotary Cutter

A light-duty cutter for compact & subcompact tractors (15-40hp). KANGA Joey’s are ideal for fast, dependable mowing.

Mini Range Rotary Cutter

Designed for general purpose cutting the KANGA Mini’s high-speed gearbox produces fast, clean mowing in grass & light scrub.

KANGA S Range Rotary Cutter

S Range Rotary Cutter

One of the strongest 30-50hp cutters available in Australia. The cutter bar design easily cuts material up to Ø50mm.

KANGA M Range Rotary Cutter

M Range Rotary Cutter

A medium-heavy duty cutter for 50-85hp tractors M Range cutters can cut scrub & regrowth up to Ø75mm.

H Range Rotary Cutter

Recommended & sold by our dealers since 1983, this contracting model is suitable for a diverse range of applications.

KANGA 3PL Twin Rotor Slasher - Light duty, model KMH50-150

3PL Twin Rotor Slasher | Light duty

The 3PL’s unique twin-rotor design produces a wider cutting width than traditionally possible for tractors in the 30-50hp range.

KANGA 3PL Twin Rotor Slasher - Heavy-duty, model KMH075

3PL Twin Rotor Slasher | Heavy duty

This Heavy Duty Twin Rotor Slasher suits 60-200hp tractors & can be customised for use in vineyards & orchards.

3PL Tri-Rotor Slasher

Designed for broad acre applications, the Tri-Rotor Slasher allows the operator to cut up to 5.4m in one pass.

3PL Pasture Topper

The KANGA Pasture Topper is the best implement for maintaining quality of pasture, reducing spread of weeds & increasing yields.

Trailing Pasture Topper

A wide trailing implement, up to 3.6m, designed specifically for fast, clean, dependable topping of grass.