Cast Shear Bolt Tine

These tines can be used for a range of ripping or cultivating applications and are ideal when you want minimal disturbance to the surface.

The pointed leading-edge slices through grass or crops leaving root systems in place to support soil and prevent erosion. The fine rip lines catch rain, organic material, animal manure and fertiliser, directing them into the subsoil. The result is healthier soil and better pastures.

These tines come with replaceable shins and points.

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Bolt-on tines for easy removal or tine spacing

Shear bolt protection for extreme impact

Narrow wide tine design for minimal resistance and maximum strength

Trailing edge of the tine has a series of adjustment holes for ‘seeder boots’

Replaceable ‘shin’ plates covering the most common wear point of the tine

Knock-on, knock-off replaceable point



Description24" Cast Shear Bolt Tine30" Cast Shear Bolt Tine
Tractor p/tine (hp)10 - 1512 - 15
Protection breakout point5000kg5000kg
Weight p/tine (kg)2931
Price (inc. GST)$850 (each)$990 (each)
Price (inc. GST)$1,126 (each)$1,312 (each)
Price (inc. GST)$935 (each)$1,089 (each)

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