Cosmo Bully

Introduced into Australia in 2015, the Cosmo Bully range is a collaboration with some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.

Using the resources of Cosmo SRL, the majority of Cosmo Bully’s affordable tractor implements are manufactured in a 27.5-acre state-of-the-art facility in India.

The remaining implements come through the Cosmo network with the same focus; high-quality tractor implements at affordable prices.

Product Types

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COSMO BULLY SGM Finishing Mower
Cosmo Bully

SGM Finishing Mower

25 – 60hp
COSMO BULLY FLS Series Mulcher
Cosmo Bully

FLS Series Mulcher

15 – 30hp
COSMO BULLY NBM Series Mulcher
Cosmo Bully

NBM Series Mulcher

30 – 50hp
COSMO BULLY SFM-M Series Mulcher
Cosmo Bully

SFM-M Series Mulcher

30 – 70hp
COSMO BULLY SFM-H Series Mulcher
Cosmo Bully

SFM-H Series Mulcher

40 – 70hp
COSMO BULLY BPF Series Mulcher
Cosmo Bully

BPF Series Mulcher

50 – 100hp
COSMO BULLY FMA Series Rotary Hoe
Cosmo Bully

FMA Series Rotary Hoe

15 – 28hp
COSMO BULLY UL Series Rotary Hoe
Cosmo Bully

UL Series Rotary Hoe

15 – 40hp
COSMO BULLY UM Series Rotary Hoe
Cosmo Bully

UM Series Rotary Hoe

35 – 50hp
COSMOBULLY_UH Series Rotary Hoe_1a
Cosmo Bully

UH Series Rotary Hoe

50 – 75hp
COSMO BULLY VH Series Rotary Hoe
Cosmo Bully

VH Series Rotary Hoe

50 – 90hp
COSMO BULLY UHH Series Rotary Hoe
Cosmo Bully

UHH Series Rotary Hoe

60 – 140hp
Cosmo Bully

SRP Series Power Harrow

50 – 90hp
COSMO BULLY M120 Power Harrow
Cosmo Bully

M120 Series Power Harrow

100 – 140hp
Images_1200 x 1200_Miscellanous_Compost spreader 2
Cosmo Bully

Compost Spreader