Compost Spreader

The Cosmo Bully Compost Spreader is a simple, low maintenance implement that spreads an even quantity of compost in a single pass.

Hydraulically driven, it is a multi-purpose implement that can be used to spread compost over raised seedbeds, in open fields, greenhouses etc.  The depth of the compost layer can be pre-set by the operator at the start of the pass.

Self-loading, thanks to the hydraulically operated rear tailgate, this spreader allows a single operator to carry out the complete spreading process.


Bottom drop

Heavy-duty ribbed steel rotor/axle

Viable spreading depth

Rubber guard to protect stones jamming rotor/axle



Size reference1.5m1.8m
Tractor range (hp)45+50+
Overall width (mm)16801980
Working width (mm)15001800
Depth (mm)17102010
Height (mm)11701170
Hopper capacity (kg)750900
Hopper capacity (m3)0.750.9
Compost layer (mm)2 - 102 - 10
Dry weight (kg)570610
Price (inc. GST)$10,500$11,000
Price (inc. GST)$13,915$14,575
Price (inc. GST)$11,550$12,100

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