Mini-Till Disc Seeder

The BULLY Mini-Till Disc Seeder is perfect for seeding and fertilising in fully prepared and minimum tillage situations.

One implement drills, seeds, fertilises and finishes the seedbed in one pass. Reducing passes over the land minimises compaction, and saves on labour, machinery hours, fuel and most importantly…your time.

Designed for tractors 40*- 90hp, the spring-loaded swept back design of the double opening discs allow the seeder to float over uneven ground while the 190mm spacing, optimal for seedbed utilisation and managing weed competition, can be controlled by shutting off seed cups.


Stainless steel box construction provides longevity

Internal dividers reduce material shifting

V-shaped base design enhances seed flow

Two seed boxes

  • Front box comes with an agitator. Ideal for large seed and/or granular fertiliser
  • Rear box is designed for fine seed and legumes



Size Reference1.4m | 55"1.4m | 55"1.98m | 78"1.98m | 78"
Overall width (mm)1700170023002300
Working width (mm)1400140019801980
Depth (mm)2150215021502150
Height (mm)1300130013001300
Dry weight (kg)470470640640
Loaded weight (kg)650650910910
Working depth (mm)max. 50#max. 50#max. 50#max. 50#
No. seed cups771010
Seed box capacity (lts)100100150150
No. fertiliser cups771010
Fertiliser box capacity (lts)8080120120
No. of coulters771010
Ø coulter (mm)400400400400
Type of coulterSpring loadedSpring loadedSpring loadedSpring loaded
Type of coulter disc330mm | 13" straight330mm | 13" wave330mm | 13" straight330mm | 13" wave
Coulter disc 'wave' (mm)n/a20n/a20
No. opening discs771010
Opening disc spacing (mm)190190190190
Tractor horsepower (hp)40* - 9040* - 9045* - 9045* - 90
Price (inc. GST)$11,000$11,000$13,000$13,000
Price (inc. GST)$14,575$14,575$17,225$17,225
Price (inc. GST)$12,100$12,100$14,300$14,300

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