P Series Fertiliser Spreader

The COSMO P Series Fertiliser Spreaders offer a simple, effective and economical solution to spreading a range of fertiliser (pilled, granular or powdered) and seed between 6 and 14m.

Made in the COSMO factory in Italy, the metal hopper is spun from a single sheet of steel. This manufacturing technique creates a strong hopper without seam or join welds.

The smooth interior finish of the hopper ensures fertiliser slides down the hopper evenly to the exits.

The twin lateral (side) exits provide the operator with left, right or full coverage spreading and also ensures uniformed spreading as the material drops straight onto the Stainless Steel six (6) vane spinner disc.

Read more about COSMO’s state of the art, automated painting system.

  • P/PL Lime agitator

  • P/PL single side distributor

  • P/PL twin side distributor

  • Hopper cover

  • P/PL hydraulic opening system



Code CP300
Description P300 Metal Hopper Spinner Spreader
Capacity (lt/kg) 320 / 318
Spreading width (m) 8 - 14
Width (mm) 1050
Depth (mm) 1050
Height (mm) 1090
Weight (kg) 58


Code CP500
Description P500 Metal Hopper Spinner Spreader
Capacity (lt/kg) 450 / 449
Spreading width (m) 8 - 14
Width (mm) 1110
Depth (mm) 1110
Height (mm) 1170
Weight (kg) 63


619.012 P/PL Lime agitator
620.102 P/PL single side distributor
620.106 P/PL twin side distributor
902.002 Hopper cover (P/PL300)
902.003 Hopper cover (P/PL400/500)
619.010 P/PL hydraulic opening system