Stump Jump Chisel Plough Tine

These tines are ideally suited to primary cultivation where the tine and the point need to combine to penetrate hard ground.

They are an aggressive spring loaded tine that can be used in paddocks where there are rocks or objects that would cause damage to a rigid tine.

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Top plate reinforced for extra strength

Galvanised mounting bolts

Boron* Steel cultivator shank (50 x 25)

Boron* Steel 65mm reversible points

12mm coil springs for greater protection

* Steel alloyed with a small amount of Boron steel, then tempered to industry specifications for ground engaging parts



DescriptionStump Jump Chisel Plough Tine
Tractor p/tine (hp)8 - 10
Protection breakout point250lb/ft. 370kg/m
Weight p/tine (kg)40
Price (inc. GST)$825 (each)
Price (inc. GST)$1,093 (each)
Price (inc. GST)$907.50 (each)

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