Trailing Pasture Topper

KANGA Trailing Pasture Toppers are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia for fast, clean, dependable topping of pasture.

Providing professional farmers with a trailing option, this topper comes standard with hydraulic height control (front and rear), large solid cushion wheels, a wide-angle power take-off shaft and is suitable for tractors 80 to 200hp.

The open back deck is fitted with a manually controlled rear door. When the door is open the lowered Bisalloy disc rotors, powered by high-speed gearboxes, evenly discharge the cut material.

This implement is ideal for maintaining quality, reducing the spread of weeds and increasing yields on dairy, beef and sheep operations.


6mm, square, clean top deck with high, open back:

  • Folded and fully reinforced
  • Structural channel chassis
  • 10mm side plates
  • Clean top reduces the collection of debris and water

Deck side walls are welded and braced for strength

High build primer and agricultural enamel topcoat



KTT130 - 3.0
KTT200 - 3.0
KTT200 - 3.6
Size reference3.0m | 10’3.0m | 10’3.6m | 12’
Tractor range (hp)80 - 13080 - 200100 - 200
Gearbox130hp, 540rpm200hp, 1000rpm200hp, 1000rpm
Blade tip speed (ft/min)16,56015,71018,850
Overall width (mm)319031903800
Cutting width (mm)289028903500
Weight (kg)1,5001,5001,650
Price (inc. GST)$27,000$27,000$30,000
Price (inc. GST)$35,775$35,775$39,750
Price (inc. GST)$29,700$29,700$33,000


Price (inc. GST)
Price (inc. GST)
Price (inc. GST)
220.086-S360KANGA Suction 360° blades, suit 130/200hp implement (left) (each)$80$106$88
220.087-S360KANGA Suction 360° blades, suit 130/200hp implement (right) (each)$80$106$88
100.188Oval disc rotor 7/8 bolt kit, for 360° blades (for 1 blade) $99$132$108.90
220.086KANGA left hand (anti-clockwise) blade, suits implement with cutter bar (each)$40$55$44
220.087KANGA right hand (anti-clockwise) blade, suits implement cutter bar (each)$40$55$44
100.135KANGA mini 3/4" blade bolt kit (for 2 blades)$35$47$38.50

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