Cement Mixer

The Italian made COSMO Mixer 80 is a 3-point linkage chain driven mixer designed for farm and home use.

This premium attachment can mix concrete and transport it too hard to reach places, enable farmers to mix fodder or feed for animals and bulk wash fruit and vegetables.

The wide-mouthed hopper is formed from two (2) rolled cones (from 3mm sheet steel). Rolling the cones makes the hopper stronger as there are no welds or forming issues. This strength allows the 320ltr hopper to mix at maximum capacity (195ltr / 0.2m3 / 7 ft3) easily.

The COSMO Mixer comes with a hydraulic top link to raise and lower the hopper. Painted in the COSMO factory in Italy, the mixers high-quality finish will last for many years.

Read more about COSMO’s state of the art, automated painting system.


Mixer - 320lt

Code CM80-320
Description COSMO Mixer 80
Transmission Chain drive (10:1 reduction ratio) 540rpm
Capacity 195lt / 0.2m3 / 7ft3
Width (mm) 860
Depth (mm) 930
Height (mm) 950
Tractor range 35+
Weight (kg) 100