H Range Rotary Cutter

KANGA H Range Rotary Cutters are designed and engineered to handle the most demanding conditions in Australia.

The lowered, reinforced 130mm spring steel cutter bar is powered by a high ratio gearbox, which allows a larger volume of material to be easily cut and discharged.

Recommended and sold by our dealers since 1983 the KANGA H Range is a reliable, robust, high performing cutter. It is suited to a diverse range of applications, from farmers clearing scrub and regrowth to contractors cutting roadsides and maintaining mining sites or government land.


Pictured with optional disc rotor

5mm, round-back clean top deck

  • Round-back increases maneuverability
  • Clean top reduces the collection of debris and water

Deck side walls are welded and braced for strength when turning

Gearbox mounting plate is welded to the subframe, creating greater structural integrity, in the event of load torque caused by blade impact

Hot dipped galvanized deck and painted parts




Size reference1.8m | 6’0” | 72”2.1m | 7’0” | 84”
Tractor range (hp)80 - 12090 - 130
Gearbox130hp, 540rpm, 1:1.92 ratio130hp, 540rpm, 1:1.46 ratio
Blade tip speed (ft/min)19,56017,370
Overall width (mm)20402335
Cutting width (mm)18002100
Weight (kg)610705
Price (inc. GST)$8,900$9,900
Price (inc. GST)$11,793$13,118
Price (inc. GST)$9,790$10,890


Price (inc. GST)
Price (inc. GST)
Price (inc. GST)
KHRDWKANGA heavy-duty depth wheel (each)$1,000$1,325$1,100
100.180Three (3) blade disc rotor (suit H1800)$2,100$2,783$2,100
100.170Three (3) blade disc rotor (suit H2100)$2,100$2,783$2,100
100.185Upgrade H1800 cutter bar (full spring steel)$330$437$330
100.186Upgrade H2100 cutter bar (full spring steel)$360$477$360
100.187Upgrade PTO Shaft/Clutch (130hp/97kw W2600 series)$825$1,097$825

KANGA heavy-duty depth wheel

  • 360° spinning wheel fork
  • Heavy-duty solid cushion tyre with cast hub assembly
  • Reinforced rectangular tube frame
  • Nyloc lock nut to set pre-load on load bearing turn table discs
  • Grease nipples for turn table discs and fork shaft for easy regular maintenance

Three (3) Blade Disc Rotor

  • Lowered, bolt together design
  • 12mm BisAlloy round steel disc
  • 360° spinning, stepped, suction, heat-treated, spring steel blades pivoting on hardened bushes
  • Oversize cup and pin blade bolt fixing system


Price (inc. GST)
Price (inc. GST)
Price (inc. GST)
100.134KANGA stepped suction blades (pair)$80$106$80
100.135KANGA 3/4” blade bolt kit$35$46$35
100.136KANGA 7/8” blade bolt kit (suit cutters pre-2008)$60$80$60
100.181H1800 disc rotor blades (each)$80$106$80
100.182H2100 disc rotor blades (each)$80$106$80
100.183Disc rotor 1" bolt kit (per blade)$99$132$99

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