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Land Plane

The KANGA Land Plane is a versatile implement that is ideal for a variety of jobs, from scarifying and levelling gravel driveways, dirt roads, construction and turf sites to cleaning and reconditioning barns, chicken coups and arenas.

The Land Plane’s two grading blades are height adjustable and can be reversed and replaced for longevity. Tines are also height adjustable depending on the amount of scarifying and levelling required.

Compared to traditional Grader Blades, Land Planes are extremely user-friendly implements.


Welded, rigid box design

  • Braced left to right with box section
  • Braced front to back with flat bar


Welded, rigid box design

  • Braced left to right with box section
  • Braced front to back with flat bar

Cutting edges are:

  • Heat-treated, through-hardened, quenched and tempered alloy steel
  • Hardness ratings between 450-510
  • Centre-line drilled, making them reversible

The two (2) cutting edges are bolted to a frame.  The frame is:

  • Height adjustable
  • Directional so gravel moves laterally

Moving the gravel laterally allows:

  • The recapture of any gravel on the road edge
  • The removal of the centre crown
  • Filling of ruts and potholes using existing gravel


The front tines are high tensile steel and individually height adjustable

Tines should only be used to crack the crust of the old compacted road. Once there is gravel building up along the front cutting edge, the tines should be raised to the highest setting or removed

Tip of the tine has a high tensile point

The point is replaceable with a knock-on/knock-off design

Both sides of the main box frame have a skid runner

The skid runner is a bolted design making it replaceable

Skids have tapered leading and trailing edges to ensure the land plane effortlessly passes over any uneven ground at a consistent level

Centre mounted tower position

Double clevis, category 1 linkage/mounting


Size reference1.5m | 5’0”2.1m | 7’0”
Tractor range (hp)20-40 | 17-33 @ PTO35-75 | 29-63 @ PTO
No. of tines46
Working width (mm)15202130
Overall width (mm)16502300
Weight (kg)233293
Price (inc. GST)$2,500$3,000
Price (inc. GST)$3,313$3,975
Price (inc. GST)$2,750$3,300

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