MHD Range Grader Blade

The KANGA MHD Grader Blade has been engineered to perform a wide range of applications. Suitable for tractors from 30 to 60hp, they are an excellent choice for levelling, finish grading, and backfilling.

A tapered main beam provides the superior strength required to handle the tilt (max. 24°) angle (max. 40°) and offset (max. 45°) required to construct and maintain drainage ditches, embankment and landscaping contours.

The mouldboards involuted design enables a more efficient and continuous cutting, mixing and rolling of material while the wings help keep the material contained within the blade area.


Main beam

  • Long, folded/formed 6mm tapered design
  • Lifting hook for lifting and storage
  • Front mounting plate is folded and reinforced for greater structural integrity

Blade mouldboard

  • Folded and formed 8mm rear blade section
  • The blade is designed to be reversed 180° for back blading (pushing backwards)
  • Blade ‘wings’ and a high, 600mm ground clearance, to control a larger volume of material

All three blade adjustments pivot points are bushed and/or reinforced with external grease nipples for easy lubrication



Size reference1.8m | 6'0" | 72"2.1m | 7'0" | 84"
Tractor range (hp)30 - 6045 - 60
Overall width (mm)18002100
Weight (kg)250260
Price (inc. GST)$2,900$3,100
Price (inc. GST)$3,843$4,108
Price (inc. GST)$3,190$3,410

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