PTB Series Fertiliser Spreader

The COSMO PTB Series Fertiliser Spreaders are a wide wheel based tow-type spreader with a squat hopper that makes loading easy. It has been designed to spread a range of fertiliser (pilled, granular or powdered) and seed (between 6 and 16m) without the need for a PTO.

The spinner disc is powered by the large floatation tyres while the gearbox has been designed so the operator can disconnect the disc (stop it spinning) when they are in transit and not spreading.

The COSMO PTB Series has been developed with twin exits that allow the operator to customise the spread pattern (left, right or full coverage). It comes with a 50mm tow hitch allowing it to be connected to a range of machines (ATV, RTV, tractor and/or car).

The PTB Series hopper and frame are manufactured and painted in the COSMO factory, in Italy.

Read more about COSMO’s state of the art, automated painting system.



Code CPTB-560
Description 560ltr Tow Type Spinner Spreader
Capacity (lt/kg) 485 / 480
Spreading width (m) 12 - 16
Width (mm) 1900
Depth (mm) 2100
Height (mm) 1400
Weight (kg) 140


902.005 Hopper cover (PTB430)
902.004 Hopper cover (PTB560)