Subsoil Cultivator Toolbars

KANGA Toolbars are heavy-duty, fully welded and reinforced, square tube frame with two mounting rows for tines.

They have wide, lower linkage pickup points to cater for category 2 and 3 tractors. The mounting points have a series of holes that provide increased ground clearance when mounted in the lower holes. Extra clearance is valuable for orchard type tractors as they have a lower centre of gravity compared to a standard tractor of equivalent horsepower.


Subsoil Cultivator Tines

KANGA Tines are sold individually. They can be bolted to the toolbar in various places, allowing the operator to customise the Subsoil Cultivator to the tractor, ground conditions and application.

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The rectangular frame is a rigid design

  • Front and rear lateral bars are 100 x 100 x 9mm square tube and double as tine mounting bars
  • Frame is reinforced front to back with 100 x 16mm flat bar
  • Sides are 100 x 50 rectangular tube
  • Bushes, for the optional depth wheels, are welded into the frame during production. This allows depth wheels to be fitted at any time

The frame is a two (2) row design so the tines can be positioned as required

High build primer and agricultural enamel topcoat



Size reference1.8m | 6’0” Tool Bar2.4m | 8’0” Tool Bar3.0m | 10’0” Tool Bar3.6m | 12’0” Tool Bar
No. of tines (possible)3 - 75 - 97 - 119 - 13
No. of tines (suggested)57911
Overall width (mm)1800240030003600
Working width (mm)1700230029003500
Weight (kg)*190220235265
Price (inc. GST)$3,100$3,400$3,700$4,000
Price (inc. GST)$4,108$4,505$4,903$5,300
Price (inc. GST)$3,410$3,740$4,070$4,400


Price (inc. GST)
Price (inc. GST)
Price (inc. GST)
KSSDDWSubsoil cultivator dual depth wheels$1,500$1,988$1,650

‘Positive locking’ height adjustable depth wheels

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